We have been so incredibly fortunate in our working lives to have visited Italy on many occasions. There are 2 major centres for marble production, the best known obviously the beautiful town of Carrara in Tuscany, just north of Pisa and the Verona area around the stunning Lake Garda.

Carrara is home to the world famous White Carrara Marble which was used by Michael Angelo for several works of art including the magnificent Statue of David. The marble industry in Carrara and nearby towns is formed around the quarries. White Carrara is their “local Stone” and is used widely on pavements and carvings as well as flooring and wall cladding.

Typically, we visit the area 3-4 times a year with clients, designers and architects to choose marble for their projects. Once a client flew us over in his private jet, we chose over 1000m2 and 5 different types of marble for his home and then flew back the same day.

We are always delighted to escort clients for important projects.

Imagine when your project is completed telling friends your story about visiting Italy with IDEAL Marble to choose your very own special selection of marble slabs.