For a small Country Portugal has a rich and diverse variety of natural stone quarries.

From the beautifully soft Rose Aurora and Estremoz marbles used widely in bathrooms and fireplaces to the extremely hard wearing grey and yellow coloured granites which are used in the UK for all sorts of commercial projects.

However, by far Portugal is most famous for it’s limestones. We have bought thousands of square meters of limestone from Portugal and used this extensively on Commercial and Domestic projects. The Bank of England Museum even has massive blocks of Portuguese limestone on their display cases and flooring. Moleanos, Mocca Cream, Azul Val Verde, Azul Cascais, Branco do Mar and many more are generally quarried in a region north of Lisbon.

We had one trip to the Novelda in 2017, apart from the success of the trip where we bought several varieties of stone for our stock – we all agreed that we were served the best steak anyone had ever tasted.